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west metro softball rebrand

Started by.a group of friends as Golden Valley Women's Softball, GVWS began in 2015 as a casual organization offering women 18+ in the greater Twin Cities area an all-women's slowpitch league. At the time, few women's slowpitch leagues existed and neighboring city leagues had all disbanded due to a lack of participation. Over the years, GVWS continued to grow and evolve and in its fifth year was made up of 9 teams or roughly 120 players during its summer 2019 season. Moving into 2020 and looking toward the future, the league was looking for a fresh look and website to go with their new name: West Metro Softball. This new name paves the way for the future allowing for expansion into other communities and offerings as the league continues to grow.

strip 1.jpg

preliminary logo concepts

West Metro Softball Logo Options_RD1.jpg
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