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Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

Martha Stewart's annual American Made Awards and Summit celebrates the small-business American Maker honoring and highlighting these up and coming entrepreneurs who have demonstrated innovation, determination and creativity in the fields of agriculture, manufacturing, design and style. Contributing to the overall theme, look and feel of the 4th year's event, I worked collaboratively with a small team to design and develop various print and digital marketing materials both promoting the event as well as day of signage and additional collateral.

Following the successful completion of my summer internship, I continued to work with the and Martha Stewart Weddings' social teams as a remote freelance digital designer to design and produce digital assets with playful yet elegant typography appealing to Martha's 2.5 million Facebook fans and 1.1 million Pinterest followers encouraging engagement and increasing her overall social presence on these platforms.

Junior designer | Production [Created at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia as an intern and freelance digital designer, 2015-16]


Creative Direction – Eric Pike

Art Direction – Sarah Graves

Video Production – Lauren Magenta

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